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This sword nonetheless, together with a number of other Tower of Oz items, was heavily rejected by the Maplestory Mesos neighborhood (apparently not from your supposed poll) being introduced into the machine, since they'd more than higher speed of gaining these items versus accessing them through in-game efforts. This also discouraged many Tower of Oz players like myself, and also the item value today has decreased tremendously due to the simple fact that there are more people with the sword than individuals who desire them.

For those who do not understand how to obtain the Ryude's sword - you must at least pass F41 of Tower of Oz, and you can look on any movies; the quickest you will do so will be approximately 50 minutes minimum. Along with 10 min~ preparation times, and the simple fact that at maximum you can only get this Rank 2 box (or 1 which drops Ryude's Sword) is Maple Mesos 4 daily. Doing Tower of Oz not just requires you to be skilled in all Maplestory Contents: Grinding, Luck, Damage, Jump Quests; but all of it takes knowledge and immense quantity of preparation and memorization to be able to get this done. It is literally the very end-game content Maplestory has.

From a KMS community supply, the estimated drop rate of this Ryude's sword from this particular box is estimated to be 1~2 percent, examined from all of the movies people took of themselves opening Rank 2 / 1 boxes and getting Ryudes or not. That's about 1 Ryude per 50 boxes; minimum 13 days of Tower of Oz, minimum 50 hours spent doing this Tower of Oz thing. Conclusion on Ryudes? It should have not been in Marvel, or its winning opportunity should've been significantly lower. More Ryudes appeared to have fallen than LGR or Titanium Hearts in my host.

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