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Zones are also different in the new manner. Holding them will grant 200"temporary things" toward breaking enemy teams and they'll still confer healing effects, but one doesn't provide points on time as it will in the normal Dominion mode For Honor Steel Credits. The only way to earn permanent things, and victory, would be to kill skeletons, which means you are going to have to get out there and battle.

Naturally, a Halloween-themed event requires Halloween-themed items to earn. New rewards will fall at the conclusion of each match, and personalities are going to have new decoration, outfit, idle, emote, and execution effects. Special masks are also accessible for the very first time, purchasable for 15,000 steel each hero during the first week of the event; throughout the next week, a Werewolf emote will go up for grabs for 10,000 steel.

It sounds like there'll be some surprises, too:"On top of this new mode and the new rewards, the Feast of the Otherworld occasion will bring some spooky changes to the entire For Honor experience, from new musical tracks to new Halloween-themed Order descriptions which hold clues to how the event will advance," Ubisoft wrote.

The Apollyon's Legacy time-limited event in For Honor got underway , featuring a new co-op For Honor game mode called Test Your Metal which pits team of four players against the bosses of the For Honor game's effort. These become more powerful with every round, and each week of the event will also see stronger enemies join the fight.

The occasion will also add new lootable items contain an"I'm War!" Everybody who logs into the For Honor game during the event will also be awarded the Apollyon's Crest emblem outline.

Starting February 22, players will also have the option of buying the Apollyon Bundle, which will instantly unlock each the above in addition to the Apollyon's Wolves Mask outfit. The package will go for 25,000 Steel, with the price adjusted in case you already own some of the items.

As Gamasutra notes, that's Buy FH Steel Credits players and not earnings and so would include individuals who jump for free weekends, but Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot added the For Honor game has had"over 1 million players every month."

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