Maplestory 2 Experimental Accession


Data e ora Dic 7
New York
Creator Sletrry

Who's attending


I propose after which grinding the remaining levels there doing the signposts in order. People spend a protracted ass amount of time in Kerning Tower for the reason that SF area, but we are broke for yours. This map functions!

This map is scrumptious for every class because Maple Story 2 Mesos has good OK spawn, Hidden Portals and the ideal spot. You are able to grind here or execute the sign publish quests round Folk Town to get extra amounts.

I receive restless remaining in maps for hrs and hrs. I suggest popping back grinding and here here when you get tired of these maps below. (This map was good until 200, however, a current EXP change made the gain from 190-200 not overly good any longer.)

This is every participant's host to choose. Finding a map might be hard, but it is surely worthwhile. I recommend saving all the EXP coupons you're ready to with this because the field type doesn't burn off becasue. Anyway, you did it. You got your mule to 200, or 150, or whatever you were trying to reach.

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