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Man they simply can't get pitching mechanics or the hitting mechanisms down. Look at 0:19 and 0:26 seconds. The ergonomics of this swings Continue to look unnatural and foolish. In those clips watch the players neck and head both bend in an unnatural way/angle once contact is created. It animations. Guru MLB The Show 19 Stubs spirits. Go watch gameplay from their product really any calendar year back to the ps3. Theyre releasing the game that is ps4. This year. Go test what I said.

. .you have an whole YEAR and this is the best that you can provide us? Nevertheless you fully expect people to shell out ANOTHER $70 of their hard earned cash for the exact same regurgitated crap out of the past, were in fact you have REMOVED features making the game less desirable to those who like online franchise mode (I am an offline franchise man myself but nevertheless ) and you call that enhancing the game? Well I really don't know about you but I'm DONE!

It's very disappointing and underwhelming along with the lovers of the game deserve better than that which SDS is giving us. We requested for arena creator and they didn't give it to us and I'll give it a pass as it is a big feature, but they didn't even add online franchise . RTTS looks like they added a new backdrop and a few different animations but otherwise it's the exact same archetype features which people have a problem with including me. It takes far too long to get to the Bigs and the updating is awful. I had been hoping they could bring back training points and maintain archetypes so we have caps at certain features but we still have to upgrade faster.

Diamond Dynasty hasn't changed much either but they did include the lineup feature which is nice. Other than that they all added is a couple more cartoons and fixes in the way of hitting and the dynamics of it. I will still be enjoying MLB The Show 16 or 17 that were very well designed compared to these. Not buying a 60$ roster update. Hopefully SDS will make MLB that the Show 20 and will blow people off with new attributes and not just slightly tweaked features and new animations. However they should not be all we have to look forward to at buy stubs mlb the show 19 a new sport. .

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